At Tutum Global, we believe that great inspiration begins with a question, and we will help childless women answer theirs. 

Our first podcast series, "Beyond Childlessness," hosted by Tutum Global Founder Jobi Tyson, launching September 10, goes beyond predictable conversation, into a deeply personal, uncomfortable place, because that's the only place we'll gain insight into the questions and answers that matter. Covering impactful conversation around the interest and issues for and about the childless female experience, each episode focuses on a different topic on questions from listeners because involuntary childlessness is a pain too deep to be left unanswered; and features an investigative segment for women with unexplained infertility. 

We hope you will find the Beyond Childlessness series useful in provoking dialogue. If you want to support our podcast and global movement, you can do so by visiting our Patreon page, in which you’ll will have exclusive access to:

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Got Questions?

Do you ask yourself: I can't have a child, now what? How did I get here? How do I cope? Where do I begin? In this podcast, we'll use research-based strategies and lived experiences to answer your questions in each episode. There are three ways to submit a question for the show:

  1. Send a question by filling out the form below. Don't include your name if you want your question to be anonymous. Use subject line #AskJobi or Secrets of Infertility for investigative segment.
  2. Send message on Instagram or Facebook
  3. #AskJobi to tag a question on Instagram.

All submitted questions, may end up in our #AskJobi advice column. Rest assured you can remain anonymous if you prefer.

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