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Tutum Global™ is the world’s first and only media company for childless women — who are childless not by choice or by circumstance. The leading lifestyle brand for childless women, Tutum Global delivers inspiring, informative, and entertaining multi-platform content across personal development, mindfulness and well-being, career and business, better health, love and relationships, travel features and everything in between, while provoking new thinking that sparks conversation on matters vital to childless women. Tutum Global empowers childless women worldwide to ignite the conversations that matter most to break the silence.

What will you get from Tutum Global? Insightful content, flavorful profiles, illuminating podcasts and videos, and disruptive research. Every day, Tutum Global serves up eye-opening viewpoints and amazing recommendations. And above all, we bring a commitment to banishing taboos, and remaining a vital resource to support every aspect of childless women’s ever-changing lifestyle to keep them enlightened and encouraged, while accelerating the culture shift. It's a platform to cater to the unique needs that resonate with the childless female segment, changing the way female childlessness is presented, analyzed and discussed. 

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Our Founding Voice

Jobi Tyson is a researcher and soul-alignment coach with over 20 years of experience, and a leading voice on female childlessness with a special emphasis on her personal experience of unexplained infertility. She has worked with top research institutions and corporations on social stigmatization, marginalized segments, women’s health and medical definitions. In addition to research, Jobi is an award-winning marketer, brand strategist, elder advocate, content creator and master storyteller known for her dedication to bringing heart and levity to difficult and uncomfortable conversations and taboo subjects.

Jobi has been recognized as one of the “40 Rising Stars” in the Atlanta Business Journal, voted as Who’s Who in Black Atlanta, and featured in various publications and digital platforms. She earned her MBA from the University of Phoenix, and her Bachelor of Science degree in business management and administration from Bethune-Cookman University. 


Started With Love

"Throughout my twenty-year infertility journey ultimately resulting in unexplained infertility, I bore witness to the sociocultural consequences of being a childless woman in America, and became more and more aware of the connection between grief, stigmatization and mental health. This led me to launch the National Association of Involuntary Childlessness for a deeper understanding of this growing epidemic, and as I delved into existential questions on infertility and female childlessness, ultimately overcame my painful reality to yield a fulfilled future beyond childlessness. I not only documented my path of healing and findings in our podcast, but two things stood out: First, although childlessness affects both the physical and well-being of women, this overlooked rising epidemic is largely ignored, excluded and underrepresented from research and post-infertility programs. And second, after enduring social derision in silence, women deeply want fulfillment to discover purposeful lives through and beyond childlessness, but lack critical tools.

Therefore, I proceeded conducting studies on infertility and childlessness "from every period of woman's existence on earth,” to understand and  help redefine childlessness. Based on those insights, I developed a tailored global strategy that responds to the emotional, psychological and social experiences unique to women who are childless without choice, or by circumstance. Thus, Tutum Global (Tutum means 'safe' in Latin) was created out of love and a love for other childless women, in response to the need to break the silence associated to female childlessness, to address the consequences of its social stigma, reinvent the narrative and empower women in a safe space, while offering useful information, personal development and better well-being. At Tutum Global, helping childless women own their voice and unlock their greatest potential is our mission and our passion. The journey between who you thought you would be and who you are now becoming is where the transformation of life takes place.”



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